Tuesday, July 31, 2012

life lately, just pouring my heart out

life lately has been pretty good. it really took me a while to settle back in here at home after being in Germany for 6 weeks but things are finally starting to go back to normal. after being gone for so long i inevitably start comparing and complaining about how things are here at home. a lot. 
in the end i remind myself that both places have their good and bad sides and that no matter where i live i'd miss something. 

so i guess what i am trying to say is that we are back to our regular routine and enjoying the rest of our summer. j is back to work and traveling a lot. logan is in love with our dogs and walking. we are now in the "walking while carrying the most possible amount of toys" phase. food and sleep are still his biggest passions which is totally fine with me. who doesn't have a thing for food and sleep? 
kisses are still far and few in between (from the little guy that is). dada is his favorite word, he laughs in my face when i ask him to say mama. every day i am in awe of this little person, his smarts and personality.

i've been cooking a lot and getting my creative juices flowing. i started doing pilates again and it feels amazing. most days i feel balanced but then i put pressure on myself to do more. the dogs crave attention but i can't give them much and it makes me feel horrible. i have a constant fear to disappoint, that i should be making money and providing for this family in some way. 
i'm sure i'm not the only mom asking herself these questions and wondering if what we do is ever enough? putting careers on hold to raise kids, moving to new places and leaving everything behind, dreaming and wondering if those dreams will ever become a reality. 
for me it's always been one giant leap of faith, just going with my gut feeling and hoping that things will turn out ok. i don't know when i became such a worry wart? 

ok, wow don't really know where all of that came from! i really just wanted to write a little update on what we've been up to lately... 

on a more cheerful note, we'll be meeting j on his current road trip in cincinnati this weekend and we can't wait to explore the city while we're there. last time i went on a cincinnati road trip logan was just a tiny little poppy seed. any of you from the cincinnati are and have any recommendations for what to do and where to eat? 


  1. Have a fun time in Cincinnati!I know how hard it is to adjust to America again...I am thinking of you!

  2. I can relate to a lot of what you're saying Sophie!

    I'm sure you'll never regret spending this extra time with your son, even if some other things are on hold for awhile. After all, your boy is only going to be little for so long, and you're still able to be creative and probably even in new ways since being a mama.

    I'm learning to find contentment in whatever situation I'm in (which is hard!) because I know there will always be things that aren't to my liking, nothing is ever perfect so the sooner I can accept that and still be grateful the better..at least that's what I try to do on good days. : )

    Hope you find your groove!

  3. Beautifully written! Im sure it's hard always missing Germany or where you are now
    I have the same thing only my family is only two hours away.

    Beautiful pictures :)

  4. oh yes.. I think you just, very accurately, described Life. :) I think SSL's comment above nails it.. in the end, no matter the circumstances, it's about finding contentment in the moment you are in.


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