Friday, July 27, 2012

style files: dear baseball tee...

jeans: american eagle, tee: target, shoes: , watch: michael kors, bracelet: lisa leonard

yup, that's a style files post friends ;) keepin' it real here on the mama front.
that is also me bright eyed and bushy tailed at 9 am, heading to breakfast with my two favorite guys, hair begging to be washed and in the most fantastical bun ever created... 
and how great is it that baseball tees are apparently all the rage these days? because this puppy was right on top of that big pile o' laundry waiting to be folded. one day. maybe? 

happy weekend! may you cross off many things on your to-do list or simply sit in the sun with an ice cold glass of your most favorite beverage. ahhh summer...

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  1. represent!! loving that pirates tee ;) go buccos!

  2. mmm very cute! - but i love love your heart bracelet. its too precious x

  3. Hey! Everyone looks cute in a baseball T! As soon as I saw the Pirates Victoria's Secret line, I thought of you would love it! lol


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