Thursday, July 26, 2012

wet cement and nude lips

so while i was out grocery shopping the other morning (9 am, all by myself for an entire hour, folks!!) i picked up wet n wild's mega last nail polish in "wet cement" and their mega last lip stick in "bare it all".

we've been spending a lot of money traveling, baby proofing the house and of course spoiling the kid and so i am trying to cut back on the fun stuff a little bit at the moment. i've been wanting to try essie's merino cool and was looking for a similar color so i took home wet cement. it is definitely darker but still has that hint of violet i was looking for. 
it's definitely different from what i would usually wear but i like it as an eye catching neutral. 
i also really liked the large brush they put in their bottles which really helped with the application. the polish goes on smooth and covers very well. i put on two coats and a clear top coat. the one down side was that it took forever to dry. i usually put polish on at night before i go to bed and i sat and waited for over half an hour to make sure it was safe to get under the covers. well, the next morning i definitely had some light impressions from the sheets on my nails. not a huge deal but up close they are definitely not salon perfect. 
overall, i honestly couldn't tell much of a difference between this $1.70 bottle and the $7+ bottle of high end polish. i've had it on for 2 full days now and with all my mama duties it hasn't chipped at all yet. 

as for the lipstick i totally love it. the nude color is slightly darker than my go-to revlon (soft nude) and it is matte (main reason i got it). it's very subtle and great for everyday wear. it lasts for hours and at $2 you can't really go wrong. 

so that's it for today. any cheap cosmetics you absolutely love? do share! 

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  1. Love it all.....sandals too....*-*

  2. ELF (Eyes Lips Face) is a great cheap cosmetics line! I find it at Target.. 80% of it is $1 each.

    I just picked up wet n wild juicy lip balm in Strawberry Fraise and LOVE IT!

  3. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous. It looks scary orange in the package, but goes on light and sheer. Perfect for these hot summer days.

  4. i'll have to try wet n wild then! thanks for the review!


  5. Totally agree with Erica on the Just Bitten lip stain! Lip stain by far always stays on the longest, and the balm on the other side makes your lips soft and shiny! If you don't want shiny, you can opt out of it too, which I do a lot. I always like to layer stains and different glosses to make tons of different colors from day to day! that alone saves a lot of money because the combinations can be endless! I like the frenzy color in that line :)

  6. I like trying out very different colors in a cheaper brand, like Wet 'n Wild and then if I really like it I can always get a more expensive brand and if I don't it was only a couple bucks in the first place!


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