Monday, August 27, 2012

a real life picnic, not a fairy tale one

we had a picnic at the park on saturday and looking at these pictures you'd think we had the most fantastic day. granted it wasn't the worst day. however, looking at these pictures and knowing how we struggled with happiness all day, made me think about how deceiving pictures can really be. especially on blogs. you could look at these pictures and believe we were the picture perfect family without a care in the whole world. i know i look at other blogs that way. 

i admire these women i don't even know for their creativity, their looks, their style, their beautiful family and the way they seem to so effortlessly keep it all together.
and then i remind myself that their lives aren't perfect either. it's not real. that all we see are moments frozen in time and a glimpse of what they want us to see. and i understand that no one likes to share the ugliness of their day or the pictures of their messy kitchens and projects gone wrong. no one wants to be that person and no one wants to constantly look at that. we demand to see pretty and perfect and happy. 

so today i wanted to let you know that behind these perfect pictures up there are some not so perfect people.
the reality of our day was not quite as pretty. you know when you're trying so hard to have fun? because you made these wonderful plans but you wake up and that feeling you can't quite define creeps up inside of you that maybe this day won't be so great after all? and despite all your best efforts you can't quite shake it?

i guess what i'm trying to say is that even though these pictures look perfect - we are not! 
we try to do our best but not every day can be like a fairy tale picnic and that's ok too. 
i think sometimes we get so caught up in the pursuit of this perfect life that we forget to actually live in the present. i know that for me this is something i am constantly working on - to enjoy the moment, relax and let things go. to be happy with the many things I have and not constantly pursue the latest trend. 

i don't want to be envious of anyone else's life because even though my life isn't perfect it is the only one i have and i am spending it with some pretty amazing people :) i don't ever want to miss out on that! 

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  1. SO true! and I needed to be reminded of this today! thank you...a quote I was once told and is SO true is "the grass isn't greener on the other side...the grass is greener where you water it" ;)

  2. Well said girl! But these pics... they are adorable. That little man of yours and his suspenders... I die!

  3. so true, totally agree! but yeah, the pics do look like a fairy tale hehehee...cute little boy :)

  4. Very well said can be messy and ugly but we tend to leave that stuff off of our blogs. But that same messy stuff is what makes life beautiful and worth living. :) Love the looked like a beautiful day!

  5. Boy do I know what you mean, thanks for articulating that so poignantly. And pictures are so deceiving aren't they...I've gone through my photos and thought, wow, I have a great life. : ) But then I also struggle on a regular basis with contentment, I know the issue is a heart one and not with things.

  6. Du hast so ja SO recht! Manche zu sehr aufgehübschten und weichgezeichneten Blogs lese ich schon gar nicht mehr. Ich mag's lieber authentisch, so wie bei dir. Schöne Ideen, viel Inspiration und das zusammen mit dem wahren Leben. Danke dir!

  7. aw - this does look like a perfect day! even if you don't think you guys are perfect! (that makes your family all the more beautiful) x

  8. I really appreciate the authenticity of this post. I know I often feel overwhelmed by the seemingly perfect online images. It's great to know there humanity behind the posts. Thank you.


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