Thursday, August 9, 2012

bits + pieces

bits + pieces from a good day

1. A small harvest fresh from the garden.
2. Carrying his favorite doll.
3. Out of focus hugs
4. Hiding from the dogs but secretly wishing they would come find him. 
5. Da! Lights are being pointed and looked at all day every day.
6. Left behind.
7. Puppy paws and dirty long nails that need some attention.
8. Wood+Stripes 
9. Puzzles keep little guys busy.
10. My most favorite in all the land.
11. Ladybugs.
12. Best buds. 
13. Testing how far one can go. 


  1. ugh he is just too cute! but that doll kinda freaked me out! Lol Looks like a great day!

  2. great pics. I'm sorta new here. How old your son?

  3. So adorable! Such a good idea to keep family updated and be able to see him in daily life.

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