Tuesday, August 7, 2012

diy: bleached studded denim shorts

yes, it's another fashion diy tutorial today. are you getting bored of these yet? 
i had a pair of cut off jean shorts laying around that i just don't wear like that anymore. instead of throwing them out i thought i would give bleaching denim a shot and this is what i learned:

you'll need: 

  • a pair of denim shorts (or just cut off an old pair of jeans, goodwill has great high waisted jeans for a few bucks)
  • a plastic bucket
  • +/- a gallon of bleach
  • something to hold your jeans up out of the bleach (i used knitting needles but dowel rods or a long ruler would also be great) 
  • gloves

i didn't cut my shorts off all the way so that i could get a feel for the bleach effect and cut them to the exact length when i was done. you may of course cut them exactly how you want them first and then start bleaching.
i also mixed bleach and water in my first try but was too impatient to wait for the results so i ended up just using straight bleach. submerge your shorts partially into the bleach and simply let the bleach do its magic. i recommend you don't submerge the shorts too far because the bleach will actually creep up the shorts anyway. the bleaching process may differ from denim to denim. it will take longer if you use super dark denim so keep checking on the progress frequently. once you have reached the level of bleaching you'd like, remove the denim and rinse it very well. make sure to wear gloves and wash separately for the first time. 

once the denim was all dry i cut it to the length i liked. you don't have to distress the cut edges because your washer and dryer will automatically do that with the next wash. i actually took these pictures before washing them again so they frayed edges are a lot nicer now. 

i also decided to add some metal rivets as a little edgy accent underneath the front left pocket. for this you'll need a hole punch, rivets and a riveter. choose a hole size slightly smaller than your rivets and position and attach them as you like. 

here is the final transformation: as i said, the cut edges will fray nicely with a second wash so save your time and just let the washer and dryer do the work. 

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  1. Nice! That riveter thingy is neat, where did you get yours from?

    1. i got mine in germany but i've seen them at joann's here as well.

  2. Really cute!! How do you come up with this stuff? You're so creative!

  3. I should REALLY try this out! Looks so simple! Minus the stud gun, I might skip that part :P

  4. Super cool - I'm going to have to try this for sure!

  5. You are incredible. You do this like you have been doing this for years!!

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