Wednesday, August 1, 2012

diy: ombre dip dye sweatshirt

today is part 2 of the ombre dyeing series. you can find part one with full directions on how to achieve a dip dye ombre effect here. not only did i dye this shirt but i also dyed a white sweatshirt i got a wal mart for $3. the process was exactly the same as in the ombre shirt tutorial but the result turned out a little differently. the sweater definitely soaked up a ton of dye and i think that's what created the more obvious lines. the gradient doesn't flow as smoothy but i still like the end result. it's much more interesting than just a plain boring white sweater and one of a kind. 

i let the sweater soak a lot longer than the shirt because i wanted the very bottom to be nice and dark. you can see how i used several hangers that were suspended from the tension rod in my laundry room so that i didn't have to hold it the entire time. i also used an old paint stirrer to keep the dye moving. 

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  1. I liked your shirt from the other day but I LOVE this! So cute, I'm gonna have to try it!

  2. LOVE THE DIY!! I would love to feature on my blog

  3. I loooove your dip dye sweatshirt!! I want to make my own dip dye project before the summer's end...we'll see if I get to it!


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    First of all, at all times I used the soccer teams themselves as a starting point.


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