Thursday, August 30, 2012

i'm weird...

i feel like i have never really shared much about myself and who I am on here. i am always busy posting my creative projects, family photos, outfits and rather hesitant when it comes to letting you guys know a little bit more about me as a person. mostly because i always talk myself out of it anticipating no one really wants to know what toothpaste I use etc...

but, today i'm doing it. i'm gonna share some very random and maybe quite strange things about myself, so enjoy ;)

  • i hate using drive-throughs. any kind really but mostly the bank's. i just don't like dealing with a voice when it comes to my money i guess. i do use the starbucks drive-through quite frequently but even then i don't like not seeing the person i am talking to. weird right?

  • i always run up the stairs in my house. a lot less now that i usually carry logan but if i'm not carrying something or someone i have to run up. no idea why but it's been like that ever since i can remember.

  • i really like to be alone. i don't need to have a ton of people around me at all times - it actually drives me nuts! i'm alone quite a lot too during the season when the husband works all the time and i enjoy it. plus i get a lot more done ;) 

  • i love organization but my personal spaces around the house are usually the messiest. the container store would be my financial meltdown. good thing there isn't one close. 

  • i don't like to shower in the morning so i usually do it before bed.

  • i can barely keep a plant alive, inside the house and out. my vegetable garden looks like such a failure :(

  • i don't fully trust doctors. i won't go to a doctor unless i am seriously, seriously sick which luckily never really happens. 

  • the previews are the thing i look forward to most when going to see a movie. i sometimes sit down and watch a bunch of movie previews on itunes through the apple tv... yeah, i know! 

  • i'm afraid of heights. i did stand on that glass floor on top of the cn tower in toronto as a kid though! must have been out of my mind.

that's it for now. i'm sure there will be more to share in the future.
what are some things you find "weird" about yourself? 


  1. Movie previews are the BEST! My favorite part of going to the movies too.

  2. Oh wow, I am a little speechless right now because it just felt like I read about myself. Haha.
    I hate drive-throughs a lot and I try to avoid them as much as I can. I always run up the stairs and I have no idea why. I love to be alone! I mean, I like to have my friends and family around from time to time but being alone is the most relaxing thing I can think of. I never get bored when I am alone. I love organization too but I have some boxes that I never open because they are so messy. I hate showering in the morning too and most of the time I do it before I go to bed. I kill all flowers too. Even a cactus. No green thumb. I don't trust doctors either. I only go when I can't stand the pain anymore. I love the previews and my husband isn't allowed to talk to me during them. Okay, I am more afraid of deep water but that's close.
    Love your post and if you're weird, I am weird too. :)

  3. My husband is alllllways trying to get me to watch movie previews online and I'm like, get out of here. We go to the movies and he's SO BOTHERED if we miss any of the previews! I'm with you on drive-throughs. I hate them, unless Eli's sleeping in the back seat and I get hungry or want a coffee, and then they're a godsend!

  4. Either you're a lot less weird than you think, or I'm quite the weirdo, too! Every one of these is me, too, except the shower one. I MUST have a shower every morning. I will avoid a drive through at all costs...even Starbucks; I run up the stairs; I love to be alone; messy but love organization; I kill all plants even though I really try to keep them alive; love previews; can't even climb up 2 steps of a ladder without feeling like I'm going to fall off backwards, and the last time I went to the doctor was 7 years ago, and that was only because I had to. Shhh, don't tell anyone!

  5. Love these photos & I love that you opened up a bit. :)



  6. You should do these posts more often so we can get to know you better, how fun! I like showing at night too and then can just easily start my day then next morning without a shower (unless it's an especially hot morning). And I like running up stairs as well if there's carpet...the ones we have here are tile and kinda scary, our neighbor broke her tooth from slipping while running so now I'm extra careful. : )

  7. I hate drive-throughs! I go out of my way to avoid using them. I'll even make passengers (in the back seat) order if they insist on staying in the car. I also tend to run up the stairs, and have often been asked if I'm in a hurry or excited for something. Nope, that's just how I am.

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