Monday, September 24, 2012


ok, so today is just a photo dump from our chicago trip. i didn't get them edited any earlier and there are more so there will be a part 2. no more than that though, I promise ;) 
we had such a great time. jason had an off day while there so we walked a lot, stopped at navy pier and shedd aquarium and ended the day with take-out from the cheesecake factory. i have never seen a bigger portion size from a restaurant, ever! 
of course that day the weather was a little off but the rest of the trip was gorgeous. logan and i did a ton more walking, stopped by the free zoo at lincoln park, played on the beach, had sprinkles cupcakes to see what all the fuss was about... holy goodness! i hope they come to pittsburgh ;) 
but more on that stuff in the other post.

i hope you all had a great weekend. ours was pretty quiet and uneventful. it's nice to not too anything for once and just regenerate. i need that quiet time to myself. 


  1. amen on the quiet time. and your trip looks like a lot of fun :)

  2. Thank you for sharing great photos of your fun trip. Chicago is a beautiful city.

  3. what a great little trip!
    amazing pics, especially the cupcakes yumm!

    xo Jessica

  4. Looks like a perfect little getaway! Chicago is on my must-see list for sure. And I agree, I think they need to bring a Sprinkles to Pittsburgh so I can try them! :)

  5. Great photos! Glad you had fun in Chicago! It's definitely a place I want to visit one day and these pictures are making me want to go now haha

  6. Looks like you had SO much fun. Seriously, I have always wanted to go to Chicago! Your pictures are SO cute. K LOVED your birkenstocks comment and love that you have SIX pairs! JEALOUS! Okay I got mine and they were too big, so I will fill you in once I get the right size. They were SO comfy though!

  7. zoo, beach and cupcakes sounds like so much fun! love the pics

  8. What a great trip! I love seeing a big city and I'm amazed how fun it can be with kids!


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