Tuesday, September 25, 2012


sometimes things that are kinda magical happen when you least expect them to.
if you knew me in real life you'd know it's no secret that for the past 16 months, the one thing I've been looking forward to most, was for this little mister to say that magical 4 letter word.
heck, there was an incredible amount of hoping and praying and wishing and quite a lot of coaxing involved but while other kiddos his age were throwing around that magical word like nobody's business, my little guy decided that he needed to do things in his own time.
instead he went ahead and decided that giving in to his mama's biggest wish was sort of overrated and he would rather go around calling out for his dada all day long.
now of course that is quite cute and sure made his dada, who is away a lot, feel very special and loved.
so eventually I stopped coaxing. well, at least I reduced the frequency of such coaxing...
i hadn't really thought about it much lately, with us being busy and all but then yesterday, after an evening playing at the park with the most gorgeous sunset and the cool fall air clearing out all the fogginess of this past, very uneventful weekend, it happened...

he had just finished his dinner and started tilting his head side to side to get me to play along.
i played along for a while and then leaned in close to see if could sneak a kiss (another thing he distributes very sparingly). as I was looking at him and he was staring back at me with those beautiful baby blues, he leaned in for a wet kiss and then slowly and clearly said mama, repeating it once more as if to make sure I would catch it.
and man did I catch it!

parenthood can turn you into one huge sob ball pretty quickly, let me tell you!
this was one of those rare and sort of magical moments in life that will go down in my own personal history book. never to be forgotten.
like when you get your first kiss from that guy you've lost your teenage heart to or when you slowly sway back and forth during the first dance with you husband on your wedding day and the rest of the world just seems to go away.
those moments are rare and they fade away as quickly as they came, no matter how hard we try to hold on and make them last for just another moment longer.

so yesterday was the day my firstborn son called me his mama for the first time. and as hard as I tried to hold on to that moment and store it away in a jar I could pull out every time he will drive me crazy in the future, just as a reminder of the magical feeling of that moment and why this is the best job in the whole world, I guess I will just have to stick to writing it all down right here instead.


  1. I cannot wait for Eli to say mama :) He says "mamamamama" but it seems to only be when he's crying. He's said dada to Peter, and called the dog a "DA!" but no mama's yet. Can't wait. How nice for you!!

  2. That is beautiful, brought tears to my eyes x

  3. Thats beautiful. I can't wait to be a mom, and hear my kids call me "mama."

    xo Emily

  4. this is so beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  5. Both of my kiddos said dada first, but now that they are 1 & 3 they most certainly cry out for mama! mom! Maaaa!! All the time. Everytime i hear it ( well not every time) i remember the first time :)

  6. Oh man, this is such a sweet story. So awesome that you have this memory.

  7. congrats. I can only imagine who wonderful and thrilling that was

  8. Aaaww.. I also love it when my son calls me MaMa. Its really the most magical feeling ever :)))


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