Tuesday, September 18, 2012

we're back...

we're back home and man does it feel good.
as much as I love traveling and seeing new places, I really love coming home just as much.
there's just something about the familiar smell and the way it feels to crawl into your own bed at night with the dryer steadily humming until you fall asleep. is that just me?
i think even logan could tell since he went straight for his toy box and then, when he curled up in his bed to go to sleep after this long and stressful day, it definitely seemed like he had missed it as well.

traveling with a 15 month old is much different than traveling with a 6 month old or even a 12 month old. he is just so much more active now and hates being confined to his stroller or a tight airplane seat.
i sure am glad the flight was only an hour long ;)
i am planning to share a little bit more about traveling with an infant vs. traveling with a toddler in a separate post soon.

the rest of this weeks posts will be way too many pictures from our trip to chicago, a giveaway that I can't wait to share and maybe a style files post?

if I haven't returned your email or comments, please forgive me! i will try to catch up this week :) i really appreciate every single one.


  1. Nope, it's not just you. I love coming home after a trip (even just a short weekend away) and crawling into my own bed, hearing the dryer hum, burying my face in my pillows and just drifting off to a comfy and familiar sleep. :)

    Glad to be your newest follower from the GFC hop. Hope you'll stop on by Lashes & Beard. :)


  2. I know the feeling traveling with kids! I have two myself! Glad your back home safe and sound where he can run free! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy to be a new reader!

  3. Awesome blog, dear! Love it so much!
    You have a new follower! Hope you'll do the same!))
    Thank you!


  4. Welcome Home, Sophie! I love this picture! Thanks for the blog comment :)

  5. Welcome back!!

    Really love the picture! You both look so relaxed and recovered!! :)

  6. Beautiful picture!

    I just old my Mom yesterday that going out with my 2 year old is much different from when she was 15 months, 9 months, and even as a newborn. So.much.harder. LOL.

    Found you through the link-up.

    Newest follower!


  7. What a gorgeous picture! I would not enjoy flying with any children I do not believe...I don't even like flying myself! :)
    (Following from the GFC Blog Hop)

  8. aw! i cannot imagine flying with a really really young baby - but i would think that flying with a one-ish year old to two year old would be better than flying with a rowdy 12 year old at the same time. then again, i know nothing about this, just based on watching people with different aged kids in airports. younger kids always seemed really well behaved in airports!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  9. Love love that photo of you and Logan, I hope you're gonna frame that one...hmm maybe on canvass. : )

  10. Vacation is ALWAYS nice but nothin beats the feeling of coming HOME! Following back. Loving your blog so far!

  11. That picture is just beyond adorable! And as much as I love traveling, I would have to agree with you. There's something so relaxing about sleeping in your own bed! Glad you're both back safe and sound :)

  12. Amazing photo! Love your blog!

    xo Emily

  13. such a QT little one!

  14. Welcome home :) We haven't attempted a flight since Kale was 10 months old. I fear travelling with him as a toddler! Like Logan, he hates being confined. I think an hour flight would be our max too!

  15. such a gorgeous photo. timeless.


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