Wednesday, October 3, 2012

a rainbow

jacket: sisley, pants: indigo rein (tjmaxx), scarf: nine west 

so most of you probably have a stack of colored denim from spring and summer just like me and are currently adding some pattered denim to that for the fall, right? 
so far i've had way more trouble finding patterned denim that I like than I had picking out colored denim in the spring. so for now I am just transitioning my colored pairs into fall instead of going crazy over the patterns. i am trying to keep my wardrobe a little more simplistic anyway so I fear I won't be joining in on this trend at all. 
instead, for this outfit I actually just pulled out an old blouson type jacket and this nine west rainbow scarf. I also got a chance to wear sandals one more time so I took advantage of that. 

i went to old navy over the weekend since most of their jeans were on sale. i wanted to try out the rockstar skinny jeans but once again, I was very disappointed with them. they did not fit great at all and have way too much stretch for my taste. the gray pair I tried was even lined with some horribly scratchy fabric which made me want to take them off immediately. 
clothes that make me itch are a total no-go for me. i wear mostly cotton and try to stay away from cheap acrylic sweaters or any fabric that may be even slightly scratchy. this is also one of the reasons you'll barely see me wearing frilly chiffon type shirts or blouses. 
i don't think i've ever found a flattering pair of old navy jeans, ever! this is one thing they have no idea how to design. 

how about you? are you weird about fabrics and fit? have you found any good patterned denim yet? 

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  1. I bought 2 pairs of nice colored denim and now they're too big :( I love losing some weight but now I only have a few pairs of straight legs and the rest big flared jeans from years back that fit. I kind of feel a little ridiculous wearing the flares lol. Maybe they'll come back in style soon, hopefully haha. But probably not.

  2. Really really love your scarf!!!
    Stopping by from the what I wore blog hop and wanted to let you know I added myself to your followers.
    Hope you will stop by mine to say Hi :)

  3. Got lots of patterned demim from target ae and Windsor!

  4. I'm with you about the cotton. All the way. Comfort over style sometimes must reign@

    I've added myself to your followers. Hope you'll stop by Understated Classics!

    Stopping by from the link up...
    Understated Classics

  5. I have a wretched problem with skinny jeans. On the one hand, I want a pair to wear with boots, because I adore jeans and boots, but on the hand, the fit (for me) is always SO bad.

    I actually wrote about it last week here...

    I love your outfit. So bright and cheerful. That scarf is the best!

  6. jeans are my least favorite thing in the world to shop for. I feel like none of them are ever flattering! so dumb.

  7. LOVE the color!! They look great! I have to be careful of fabrics that irritate me skin too, so I wear cotton a lot too. Love the look!

    xo Emily

  8. I'm wearing cobalt skinnies on the blog today too :) And girl, I'm with ya... I can never find ANYTHING at Old Navy that fits me right and doesn't feel cheap.

  9. I am ALWAYS disappointed in Old Navy jeans. I don't know what measurements they are using, but they suck. They NEVER fit right, which is weird because I feel like I have a pretty standard body type. I do however LOVE Target jeans! : )

  10. i think the cobalt blue or green colored denim are my next purchase. i have the red ones and have been loving them so maybe another color is next on my shopping list!

  11. Love, love that bright and colorful scarf. And I am transitioning all my colored denim to fall. You are making me want to break out my cobalt pants with this outfit!

  12. old navy jeans are the worst. every once in a while, i try them again but it's always bad. i'm inspired by how you carried your bright blue denim into fall. that's the only colored jean i picked up this summer...i know. i'm so adventurous :)


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