Tuesday, October 30, 2012

a sweater love affair


sweater: old navy (last year), t-shirt: made it here, pants: unionbay, socks: sockdreams.com, boots: timberland
i have a serious love affair with this sweater. it started when we met in the clearance section of old navy last winter, went through a brief little break-up for a few months because it got sweaty and now we have officially rekindled our love with more passion than ever before.

ok that was ridiculous I know! you didn't stop me though...

i am currently listening to what is supposedly this awful frankenstorm but in all honesty, it's not that scary at all. maybe i will regret typing these words when sandy rips me out of bed at 3 am? we will see...

and to add to today's randomness: we bought a new washer on sunday and for some reason jason couldn't be more excited about it. seriously, all his idea and now he keeps interrupting my important thoughts here with details from the owner's manual. the thing isn't even here yet.
our current machine is a trusty 1981 maytag top loader, which I will be kind of sad to give up for this high-tech, 274 button, flashing lights and melodies playing front loader. i am serious about this one. 
buuuut I am looking forward to sparkly clean, bright whites and hopefully kick those messy toddler induced stains in the butt. 

i also learned that my husband has never seen or heard of the movie the last unicorn!! yeah!
so now i am seriously rethinking this whole marriage thing...

haha j/k! 

ok, that's all for my randomness today. you are welcome :) 

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  1. Well, I'm glad to hear that Sandy isn't bugging you too much, at least not yet. :) You look so cute! I'd be obsessed with that sweater too!

  2. glad to hear you are safe....and about the new washer! haha...take care and stay warm in that cozy sweater..love it!

  3. LOVE this outfit! So perfect

    xo Emily

  4. I absolutely love this look. And the boots are fantastic!

  5. LOVE that sweater! I've been searching for a similar one! Isn't funny what guys will get excited about? Actually doing the laundry is a heinous crime, but the machine itself? HEAVEN! *eye roll*

  6. That sweater looks absolutely perfect. I love the color and the thickness. You really got lucky when you discovered it.
    I am following now and look forward to your next post.

  7. love that sweater! i just got a similar one and its been love at first sight ;) love love how you paired it!!

    i hope you stayed safe!

  8. haha yes! he should know the last unicorn!! and love that sweater.

  9. I'm in love with the whole outfit!! Gorgeous x

  10. cute outfit! I love the sweater, the color of your pants, and your socks and boots are super cute too!


  11. Love your blog!! I have the same sweater..... Can't wait to wear it again now!! Your newest follower!!


  12. Oh my goodness I love that sweater! And yay for a new dryer! We got a new set a few months ago and I actually love doing laundry now. Seriously. LOL :)

  13. ha that is funny. Hope you are all okay over there. Thanks for joining in with Wardrobe Weds

  14. I LOVE random. Love it. I too have a high-tech, 274 button, flashing lights and melodies playing washing machine, but it's a top loader. Great fun. The kids used to think my cellphone was ringing when it had finished its cycle. Also (seeing as how this is about clothes, after all!) LOVE your sweater! A lot.

  15. Love the sweater- but I am lovin' those pants! Awesome color. Good luck with the washer!

  16. I love your shoes, super cute!

  17. I love this sweater, and paired with those boots... it's pure autumn love!! I just ran across your blog via the Pleated Poppy, and am excited to catch up on the outfits I've missed out on!

    Your newest follower-

    Secondhand Magpie


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