Wednesday, October 24, 2012

it that shall not be named

jacket: jcrew, shirt: ae, denim: ae, boots: ralph lauren

you may be asking yourself if you've possibly seen me wear this before. maybe.
no? great :) 
yes? well, I guess that would have been as part of a post I did for lovestitched last week. 

unfortunately the "nasty sickness I don't really want to remember or experience ever again" bug hit us all over the past weekend and as much as I have been dreaming about actually getting dressed and trying to look decent, it just hasn't happened yet. 
i am so glad that chubby little babe of mine ended up with the lightest case of the unspeakable because mama and dada where in no good shape to take care of his recuperated and fully energized little self properly. not kidding - i couldn't stand up for more than a minute at a time on sunday. 
it's times like these I am truly thankful for a mother in law that braved the threat of contamination to come over and give us the much needed break we needed. 

thank you j's mom, we love you!!! 

ps: the 25% off coupon code for outfit additions FORGE25 ends at midnight EST tonight so don't miss out on this great offer :)) 

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  1. LOVE your blog!! :) You look stunning!

    xx Emily

    Follow me back? :)

  2. LOVE the jacket and the whole look. :O) (here from WIWW)

  3. Well I haven't seen it before but I love it! Found you though the welcome Wednesday hop and love your blog! New Follower!! Can't wait for more!
    Helene in Between

  4. Adorable... I love plaid anything =) Found you through WIWW! And those specs are awesome; I just ordered some that are similar!

  5. i love your entire outfit! that jacket is so awesome, where is it from? and i love your glasses

  6. You are pretty and look like a Pinterest pin. Followin' back!!!

  7. Super cute! Totally something I would wear
    Style in the City

  8. oh i love your glasses :-) really cool.

    come say hello-

  9. Glad your are feeling better, nothing good comes when mom gets sick let alone whole fam.


  10. Oh sorry to hear you guys were sick, and a second time to boot! Hope you're feeling better now?

  11. Glad you are better. I've contracted that "writhing-intestines-trying-to-escape" bug at the moment. Maybe you gave it to me when you left me a comment on my blog. In that case, I'm mad at you. On the other hand, you're just the cutest thing and I love this outfit above so if you'll just send it to me, then I'll forgive you. ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me some love. I'm a new big fan!

  12. Ich hoffe, dir geht es jetzt wieder besser... After rain comes sun, always :) Es kommt vor, dass man gesundheitlich schwere Tage durchstehen muss, doch dann geht man staerker daraus hervor :) LG aus LA

  13. The outfit looks great, and I love the boots. We had that nasty bug last week too. Good riddance to it.

    Following you from the Friday Chaos Hop.

  14. I haven't seen you wear it before! Great fall your glasses!

  15. So happy to finally have the time to find (and follow) your blog!

  16. soooo cute, and I am in love with those glasses! totally ties the outfit together!!


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