Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the truth about pumpkins

no, that picture did not get in there accidentally...
this is the truth about pumpkin picking and trying to get one decent looking picture with my son.
i swear it is impossible!

but yes, we went to pick out a few pumpkins last week. lovely, bright orange, overpriced pumpkins in virtually any size imaginable.
we always go to a local farm that also has weekend festivities throughout the fall. to avoid the crowds and because we had nothing better to do on a wednesday night we put on our warmest sweaters and off we went.

logan wasn't really interested in the pumpkins but rather fond of a bright red, antique tractor. this kid has and will be around tractors all of his life. if it has a motor he's gonna go check it out. if it can be steered he will steer it.

so yeah, instead of the pictures I had imagined of him carrying around his pumpkins I got him riding the tractor, steering the cart and of course picking through rocks and mulch. oh well, I'll take it!

finally, i have to admit that seeing my two guys walking together, wearing the same shoes gave me the warm fuzzies infinitely more than any display of pumpkin affection could ever have.


  1. This is so sweet! I love the photos

    xo Emily

  2. Ummm....your husband and son's matching boots??? Soooo cute :)

  3. Logan's outfit is BEYOND adorable!! I'm such a fan of the sweater! x

  4. awesome photos! love the matching boots, too cute!

  5. love these pictures...such a sweet family!

  6. Love your pictures with the pumpkins! Very cute.. I am visiting from the Friday Chaos blog hop. I am your newest follower. Would love if you could come visit and follow my blog.



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