Friday, October 19, 2012

yeah, you kinda do! really.

it's true. you guys deserve to hear it and I don't say it enough but thank you so much for reading this blog and all of your sweet comments. when i started blogging I never thought I'd end up here one day and I am so happy to have a faithful readership who is interested in our lives and comes back for more.

as i am quickly approaching the 500 follower mark I am planning a big giveaway for you all to say thank you. i've already lined up a few blogs and businesses who will be offering some pretty awesome prizes :)) but there is always room for a few more. this is a great way to gain new followers and exposure for your blog or shop.

sooooo, if you would like to be a part of this with your blog or shop or have a question, just send me an email at
don't wait too long since this giveaway will go live once we get to 500.

and just fyi: all giveaways will have their own rafflecopter set-up(on the same day), so no one gets lost in the crowd.


  1. yay!!! you deserve many more girl! I'll stay tuned!

  2. so so happy for you Sophie! you totally deserve the readership, your blog rocks!! Congrats again girlfriend! I'm excited to see how big this baby (your blog) gets!!

    xo Jessica

  3. New to your blog from the Friday chaos blog hop. Looking forward to your posts :-)

  4. Love your blog Sophie, I can tell you're a sweetie! : )

  5. you are so cute! congrats on almost 500 followers! count as in as one more :) your blog is so darling, come follow along at Xo


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