Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Extremely funny faces, folks!

Vest: h&m, Shirt: American Eagle, Sweater: Esprit, Leggings: F21, Boots: Hunter 
Ok, just one but isn't it a great one? This is what happens when my husband (aka the photographer) tells me to "work it gurlll". And check out that nicely pointed leg to top it all off.
No words!

Now that we covered that, let's move onto the anatomy of this outfit, shall we?
I am in love with this vest. I almost bought it back when I was in Chicago in September but just couldn't bear to spend the $50 at h&m. I ended up thinking about it for months and then while we were in Germany I happened to come across it again and it was on sale for 20 euros which is about $25 or so. So score! I thought ad bought it. Finally. You will be seeing a lot more of it, I promise. (and if you follow me on instagram you already have...) 

The leggings aren't my favorite but Jason obviously liked them, as he repeatedly told me. I don't really think leggings should be treated as pants, unless you are under 12 or weigh less than 110 lbs, but I think they're ok if your butt is covered up. Then they're kind of like tights. Or not?
What are your thoughts on leggings? When, where, how? Do's, Don'ts? 

And lastly, I sometimes wish I would have just gotten a plain pair of Hunters instead of these... but then again, wouldn't that be boring? 

Well, those are my thoughts on this outfit for today. 
It's my birthday tomorrow and I have a giveaway planned so you should totally come back for that!

28? Yikes! 

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  2. (Sorry really bad typos last try lol) I think your shirt is long enough in the back for the leggings. My general rule of thumb is if it doesn't cover your butt or you're not in a gym, then like you said, you've got to be 12. I think it makes other people uncomfortable too lol. The worst is when people wear leggings that aren't completely opaque! EEK! Leggings are definitely not pants IMHO.

  3. I am obsessed with that vest you're wearing! xo

  4. great vest, great score! and I'm with you on the leggings rule, if it covers your butt is OK! :) hahaha

  5. That is such a cute outfit! I love the boots and the pattern on that vest!

  6. I agree about leggings: either you wear something that covers your behind, or you're 12 years old. ;)
    But you definitely pulled it off with the cute top, so score for you. :D

  7. cute cute cute! I want that vest too! your fabulous and look good in the leggings so id say rock, your ish is all covered so i think its good :)

  8. I'm with you, if but is covered you are good to go. Except if you are pregnant. Then all rules go out the window and the only rule I lived by was if it fit, I wore it.

  9. Love the vest! My hubby always makes me laugh when he takes my outfit photos too. And I think the leggings look great on you! It depends on your figure and you have a great one to pull it off. :)

  10. ah, sorry I'm commenting on a really old post but I have been dying to catch up on all of your posts! I love the hair color by the way! The dark color really suits you! All of your latest outfit posts are just marvelous marvelous marvelous!


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