Monday, January 7, 2013

Paris pt.II and Goodbye Germany

i am so so behind on editing photos and actually posting on the blog that it's kind of embarrassing at this point... today as you're reading this and obviously completely mesmerized by the gorgeousness of that shiny, sparkly Christmas tree, we will be flying back home and trying not to catch everyone and their mother's sicko germs while doing so. wish us luck! 
we had a blast and my sarcastic posting here is really just my way of trying to contain that feeling of sadness creeping up inside of me, accompanied by a giant lump in the throat. it seems that the more we do this the harder it gets. 

it's been a great start to the new year though and I am excited and eager to see where this year will take us. big plans are trying to surface out of the jumbled mess that is my brain and of course lots of resolutions that may or may not be kept ;) 

so bring it on 2013!!

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  1. These pictures have got me thinking I need to make another trip to Paris...I love that city!! And I totally remember that exact metro station in the last pic :)

  2. I love this city!!!! :) Can´t wait to go back. It´ll be the 4th time :)

    And your pictures are great! :)

  3. So lucky! Everything looks so beautiful. Paris is my dream destination! Thanks for sharing! -Jessica L


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