Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The last of Paris

Today I just wanted to share the last of the pictures from Paris. I can't believe it's been almost a month since we went! Half of these pictures are from the day it rained all morning and we walked down the Champs- Élysées, through the Tuileries (which I am sure are gorgeous any season but winter) and spent half the day at the Louvre. The other half were taken the afternoon before we took the train back home, in the Marais district. I wish we had gone there earlier because we couldn't spend nearly enough time. So many gorgeous little shops, galleries and boutiques to browse. We found the cutest and smallest toy shop I have ever seen. For such a tiny place it was buzzing with people trying to get the last of their Christmas shopping done. I loved how all their inventory was displayed on shelves that reached clear up to the ceiling. It was one of those places that simply oozes the magic of childhood through every crack and crevice. 

Overall, Paris right before Christmas was busy but wonderful, all that was missing was some snow. On the other hand I am glad we didn't have to freeze and got to spend most of our time outside exploring. 
Next time we will make sure we get the full Paris in the summer experience though :) 

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  1. beautiful photos! you look radiant in that pic Sophie! thanks for sharing!

  2. gorgeous pictures! y'all are too darn cute!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I love Paris...it's such an amazing place!

  4. Stunning photos! I've been to France, but haven't had the opportunity to enjoy Paris yet -- Hopefully I'll have the chance to change that! :)

  5. Rainy Paris. Love the first pics of the Parisian green chairs ;)

    XO, kat



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