Monday, January 14, 2013

this is becoming quite the fashion blog...

Sweater: H&M, Pants: Jbrand, Jacket: Ralph Lauren, Boots: Sorel, Hat: Pieces, Scarf: Gap 
The weekend is already over again and yes, there is another outfit post! I'm saying it is due to a major case of writers block and the fact that I've been so busy with everything else but any form of creative project to share on here :( Shame on me.

What do you do when you write a blog and feel like you don't really have anything much to say??
Post pictures, I guess? 

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  1. love this outfit. I work at GAP and instantly recognized the scarf!! at least you take pictures of yourself to blog when you have nothing to say ;) I just don't blog.!! haha

  2. love the scarf and covet those boots, long time. :)

  3. Yes, post pictures! Pictures actually help me out of my writer's block. I don't have a ton of fashion posts, so when I do have them they sort of inspire me to reflect on something I notice in the photos. I never plan a photo shoot around what I want to say - pictures come first, then I just have to start typing!


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