Wednesday, February 13, 2013

funny story, a creepy old man and this outfit

Hi-Lo Skirt: Target, Sweater: Only, Leopard heels: Target (clearance), Leather jacket: Target, Purse: Vintage Louis Vuitton 
I wore this outfit when Jason and I went to see Les Miserable at the Benedum in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. We had tickets and a table reserved at Meat&Potatoes right across the street before the show. 

So as you do when you have a momentous occasion like this happening, like once every 6 months due to parenthood, well you dress up a little bit.  Little insert here: [I always get a little sad when I find a cute dress and put it back on the rack because I simply don't have any place to wear it to. Just a little sad though because I have someone that gives me way better feelings down in the pits of my stomach than any cute dress ever could...]

Sooo anyway, I put on this cute hi-lo skirt from Target, where I also found that "best pleather jacket ever" and the leopard heels for $8. The ones that make you look like a fool because you have serious problems walking in 6" heels but they just make you legs look so darn amazing for once. Ha!
It's the truth folks! I bet I could master them if I wore them often. Let's picture me hauling Logan about town, you know from Target to the grocery store and then to the library in those puppies... or maybe let's not.

I swear I am getting to the funny part of the story.
So we get to the restaurant before the show and they have this reception and sitting area right outside the dining room. We sit down and wait for someone to seat us when all of a sudden this older guy in his late 60's comes out of the dining room. He stares at us for a few seconds and then starts telling me how absolutely amazing my outfit is. He does so quite loudly and in an exaggerated way, so of course people start looking at us. I'm taken off guard, flattered of course and embarrassed at the same time. I politely thank him and hope he will just go away. After a few more nods of approval he finally turns around and disappears back into the restaurant.
Jason and I just stare at each other like: Did he really just interrupt his dinner to tell me how great my outfit is?
Someone finally comes over to bring us to our table. As we walk into the restaurant he is of course sitting right at the first table. Again, all we hear is him loudly exclaiming to the wife he is having dinner with and all the rest of the restaurant (it's one of those smaller places where everyone sits really close together): "See, this is how it's done!", "She looks fantastic", "Well done young lady, well done" and a few more of that sort. Jason actually got quite the kick out of doing an impression of this guy ;)
Needless to say, by the time we get to our table I am bright red and everyone is still staring at us.

So, to this guy I say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. I do appreciate them more now that the embarrassment of the moment is over. Maybe next time, the whole restaurant doesn't need to be involved?

Moments like this make me realize how self-conscious I actually am...

That's the story of this outfit and of course Les Miserable was fantastic!! Go see it if you can.
Now please share one of your own embarrassing stories where you really should have been flattered instead of turning beet red :)

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  1. You always look fantastic, so I'm not surprised! He sounds like a sweetheart. :)

    It wasn't about fashion, but something similar happened to me recently. Maile and I were out shopping for a few groceries, when her eye caught a Hello Kitty capsule at the end of an aisle. By the time she pointed and said, "Kitty!" I'd already passed it, but even though the store was crowded, I turned my cart around (apologizing to at least 3 people in the process) and took her back to look at the HK goodies.

    A few moments later, a woman in her 50s (I'm guessing) practically chased me down and told me that my gesture touched her so much, and how more parents of my generation need to be attentive parents, in tune with their children, and need to just take time ... She went on and on, rather loudly, and it definitely drew a bit of attention.

    I was having kind of a terrible day, and she almost made me cry (in a good way, I suppose). I'm grateful to her for saying something, and I certainly needed to hear it, but I still wanted to crawl under a rock! Haha.

  2. haha! what a great story! you do look great, you always do! i am loving the edgier looks you are showing us lately, the jacket and sweater are a bit grunge and i love that!
    I think i need a bit of a switch up.. im bored lol!
    And no stories to tell sorry, apart from a little old lady saying i was as bright as a button...made my day! oldies are the best haha!xx

  3. that is a great story!! and your outfit is just fab. I adored les mis too! xo

  4. haha love the story!
    great outfit! love the skirt :)

  5. Haha that's hilarious. You do look amazing!

    xo Emily Beth

  6. Haha that is too cute! And old people are honest - they've lived too long to bs so you know it was coming from a good place. Such an adorable story :)

  7. Love love love this!!!! You look gorgeous!! Enjoy it :)

  8. Well, it IS a great outfit, you look lovely! I'm always taken off guard when someone who you don't expect to notice something, does. Like an older man noticing your fashion choices... It's a great story, I love having those experiences :)
    I'm following along from WIWW :)
    Kitty & Buck

  9. Love the outfit, the sweater is very pretty :)

  10. Love the outfit, the sweater is very pretty :)


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