Sunday, February 10, 2013

giveaway link-up 3 and week in review

Oh man, I am so behind this week... It's just been really busy and J is out of town for work again this weekend, so I just couldn't find the time or energy to get anything up on the blog. You ladies know how that goes right?
I am so sleepy sitting here today trying to prepare this week's posts. Logan is spending the day with his grandparents so my to-do list is growing exponentially by the hour and what I really should be doing is take a nice long nap...
Instead I'll just write a a bunch of posts, set up giveaways, clean up my desktop and phone, respond to emails, finish a few diy projects, take a shower and dye my hair...

One thing I have to get off my chest though before all of that, is that I am so so grateful to all of the amazing bloggers and businesses out there that have made it possible for me to host so many amazing giveaways over the past month!! I am so happy to see a few sponsors return and blown away by how generous and genuinely nice you all are :)
I was in a bit of a weird blogging phase after coming home from Germany, where I felt a little lost and uninspired. Having you trust me with promoting your businesses and blogs really helped me get back on track.

Thank you also to you who have been linking up giveaways as I am trying to get this link-up out there.
Please continue to do so and I would be ever so grateful if you shared it with your readers as well :)

PS: Only 2 days left to enter the $50 Jeg Boutique Giveaway!!

PPS: How freakin' frustrating are bloggers random formatting glitches?? But really!

Giveaway Link-Up 3

- Please only link up giveaways, you may link up giveaways that are not yours because you think they are just so rad and need to be shared!
- Link up as many as you'd like from the current week.
- Come back next Friday to link up again.
- Please, please, please link back to me from your giveaway post or sidebar, or share in some other way.
Enter a few giveaways :)
Thank you!  


  1. do you live in pittsburgh!? (i saw the little man's pirates hat.) my husband and i live in morgantown, wv just an hour or so south of there. :)

  2. great pics! love that dreamcatcher and b&w pillows...Logan is so cute trying to run away hahaha

  3. Wonderful pictures, friend -- as always!

    With Tim gone for weeks at a time, I know just how it feels to be exhausted. Like, permanently. Even though I'm new to blogging, I've found that if I have to step away for a few days -- even if I lose some people along the way -- that both me and my blog are always the better for it. Hugs to you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. It's so nice of you to do the link up and so cool too!


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