Wednesday, February 20, 2013

one outfit to wear for the rest of my life

Jeans: BDG at UO, Turtleneck Sweater: H&M, Jacket: F21, Ankle Boots: UO, Necklace: Aerie, Ring: Claires 
If I had to choose and outfit to live in for the rest of my life I think this would be it. You know, except for on those hot summer days maybe but other than that this thing works 3 seasons long. 
Add some thicker socks and a big scarf in the Winter, take that coat off in the Spring :)
I got that lovely jacket at Forever 21 for $15!!! All the clearance was 50% off, it was Thursday evening, the store was nearly empty, wonderfully clean and picked up aaaaand I had a tired, cranky, crying toddler with me.
Yeah great timing you clearance gods you! 
Of course such a thing always happens when you have no time to come back to the store that is also about 35 minutes from your house anyway, anytime in the near future. 
I figured by the time that weekend was over all the good stuff would have been picked over anyway, so I grabbed this coat and a sweater ($8) without even trying them on and left.

I got over it, I promise ;) especially since that jacket fits like a glove. 

Then I wore this Monday afternoon while it was 45 degrees warm. Yes, i say warm because compared to what we've had I'd say it pretty much felt like Summer to me. 
It's snowing again now by the way... How about that early Spring groundhog Phil??

Any good sales you've perused lately? Do share :) 

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  1. This a such a lovely and simple outfit! I love it :) Those boots are great!

  2. I can see why you would want to wear this daily. That jacket was such a good find!

  3. oh my heck this outfit is seriously perfect.
    ahhhh love it, what a steal.


  4. Sophie that jacket is a-ma-zing!!!! and it looks like a $100.00 jacket hahaha love it!
    you look great!

  5. those booties are adorable! xo

  6. this outfit is so classy & timeless. love it!

  7. Jealous of that coat!! What a score for only $15. And it tops of your outfit perfectly. :)

  8. Awesome score on the jacket. Such a classic look, love the booties!

  9. You look fabulous, Sophie!

    (I would look like a block in this outfit, haha.)

  10. that jacket is amazing! you make me want to go by my f21 and see if we have one left! great luck :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  11. Forever 21 has amazing steals! And I think that is the perfect outfit to wear for the rest of your life! And I do love the snow- being from southern CA and all....-Jessica L

  12. love this look! I want to live in it too!! So comfy but unbelievably chic! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment!

  13. That jacket!! I love it! And the fact that it was such a score makes it even better!

  14. that coat is fab! you make it look amazing!


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