Thursday, March 21, 2013

by the lake

Today is kind of random. Really the last few weeks have been a big blurry jumble of things and blogging has kind of been placed on the back burner. This is just always the weirdest time of year for our family, with all of the changes going on. 
So really I'm just sharing a few pictures from an afternoon we spent at lake Monrepos while we were in Germany in December. I've been wanting to post them but for one reason or another, it just never happened. So here you go, today is the day. 
Jason and I had some of our wedding pictures taken here almost 8 years ago. (8 years!! holy cow)
It's such a lovely and calming place to be and it makes my longing for Spring weather (and Germany) even greater.

Can you believe we woke up to snow again this morning? and 28 degrees!! What is up with that Spring?? 
In my frustration I stayed up until 2 am!! the other night and ordered myself some new clothes, because what else can you really do? When Jason came upstairs to go to bed (at a much earlier time, mind you) he just said: Uh oh, you have your wallet by the computer. That is never a good sign...

So yeah Spring, anytime you'd like to show up now is fine with us. Our bank account will thank you. 

PS: I did some Spring cleaning to my wardrobe as well. Check out my Instagram shop account @theforgeshop for some great deals :) 

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  1. Definitely checking out your shop! I woke up to snow this morning as well, but being in Utah, it was warm and sunny by noon. We all have those late night shopping sprees... so funny because I've done the same thing two nights in a row. Woops :)

  2. Hope all is going smoothly during this busy time for you!


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