Wednesday, April 3, 2013

why following fancy schmancy egg cooking instructions will bite you in the b

I'm a little late with my Easter recap but here it is after all. We had the most gorgeous weather on Saturday and knowing things wouldn't look as pretty on Sunday, we got up early (for our standards) and took a scenic drive to the farm. 
I just couldn't soak up this sun fast enough after so many cold and dreary months. Taking in the stunning scenery all around you sometimes gives you the most extraordinary feelings about life and such. Oh what a little bit of sunshine will do to your heart!

So we petted ALL the animals and had a hard time leaving that miniature pig behind (how cute), literally got down and dirty during the most pathetic Easter egg hunt known to man, and of course the day wouldn't have been perfect without a little meltdown... Oh toddlers!
We also somehow managed to exclude papa from most of the pictures. 
On the way home we stopped for some frozen yogurt treats which were a definite hit.

In the afternoon I decided to dye the eggs I had cooked the day before, according to some very fancy schmanzy and convincing instructions I found on the interwebs. 
Well, let me tell you if you ever find fancy schmancy instructions that try to make you believe those eggs would much rather like to spend 20 minutes just soaking in some "water you just removed from a boil and covered with a lid", do NOT believe them!! 

I dyed all my eggs, gave them my undivided attention for about an hour and a half while Jason took Logan to the park and ended up realizing they were nowhere close to being hard boiled....

So I took a few pictures, cooked the eggs for a few more minutes in BOILING water, and made egg salad for 10 people. 

That's the story folks!! Epic egg dyeing fail of 2013. 

Jason had to work on Sunday so Logan and I went to church with the rest of the family and spent the afternoon at gram and gramps' house. J made it back for a delicious Easter dinner and an indoor Easter egg hunt that included plastic eggs instead of real ones. 

Another successful Easter according to family standards ;)

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  1. Well, the eggs *look* fabulous, at least!

  2. We had a dyeing fail this year, too. My 11 year olds got their eggs all painted and pretty and then my 3 year old starting dropping them back in the cups of dye. The big boys were not pleased. But I just boiled some more eggs and then made 2 dozen deviled eggs for Sunday dinner.

  3. I love the eggs! They look great even if they didn't turn out edible.... haha

    What a cutie pie, too. I love his outfit!

    Kate from Clear the Way


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