Monday, May 27, 2013

a love letter to the birthday boy!

Today my baby boy turns 2!! Another year has flown by and it really didn't hit me until just now, when I went through and picked out my favorite pictures of him from this past year. 
Wow, we are so extremely lucky to have him. This beautiful boy who is so well balanced and happy but at the same time the most serious, deep thinker and theatrical tantrum thrower you will ever meet. I wish I had half of his ability to investigate and concentrate on even the tiniest, most mundane parts of life. 
This child who has blessed us with that extra squeezable set of cheeks, a smile that (once he gives it) melts my heart into a big ole' puddle, and that gives his mama kisses like nobody's business because he knows he'll get just about anything in return.  

At 2 years old he still loves to sleep, which is pretty much a prerequisite for being a member of this family (I hope his future siblings are taking note). He enjoys music in that calm and quiet way that makes me think he feels a deeply rooted connection to the melodies. The way he growls at me every night when I put him to bed, demanding I respond in the proper way, with a growl back and a few tickles on the neck, makes it almost impossible to leave him and completely envelopes my whole being in a love that is bigger than anything else I've ever felt. 
When he runs his favorite trucks across every surface of the house, loudly exclaiming "cuck, cuck", it still makes me laugh out loud every single time - for all our sakes, let's hope he gets it right one day ;)
He has me picking up snails, removing bugs, jumping into puddles, wiping and catching boogers with my bare hands, reading the same books a bajilion times, watching nemo almost every single day, getting up at 3 am because he's "all done" sleeping and turned into a major coffee drinker.
He tests my patience on a daily basis, puts on his boots when he's ready to go outside even if I'm not, talks my ear off for 5 minutes straight and two seconds later can barely be ripped out of a trance while concentrating on a toy or book. 
He will happily name all of his family members and count to 10 in two languages. He already points out letters and won't leave a single button unpushed or light switch unturned. 
It is because of him that I have discovered how truly magical online shopping can be and how suckers are your best friends when it comes to achieving a successful Target trip or let's be honest: really any trip.

In two short years he has made me smile, laugh and cry more than I had in my entire life. Those quiet moments when it's just me and him and I get to stare into those gray eyes, stroke that perfectly smooth skin, admire the tiny dimple that only appears sometimes when he smiles, are what I live for now. 
In those moments I can barely believe how lucky I am to have him and to be able to experience a love that is so much bigger than I am. 

So happy birthday to you my wonderful, beautiful little man! I will never forget the day I finally got to hold you in my arms and I am so proud to be your mama. You and your papa sure know how to make me the happiest girl in the entire world. 
We love you so very much! 

Now get ready for a major picture overload because well that's what birthdays and blogs are for ;)
You may also want to read about last years birthday and if you're brave about the day we first got to meet this handsome young man, seems like it was just yesterday. 


  1. lovely photos and lovely letter!
    happy b-day to your sweet boy

  2. Happy birthday beautiful boy!! Love from California!!

  3. ahhh, lovely letter and photos. I have a 7 year old boy too and they are and always will be mommy's sweethearts ! Happy birthday to your beautiful baby.


  4. oh he is so cute!!!

  5. awwwww what a sweet post! happy birthday to him!!! he looks sooo sweet!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. How cute! Mine will turn 2 in october so I agree: time goes fast :s


  7. awee Happy Late Birthday Logan!! My little Judah just turned two in April!

  8. this is so cute! I haven't stopped by in a while - hope all is well with your family! you guys look lovely

    xo Jessica

  9. Happy Birthday, baby boy! And you, mama, are hella cute! Just found your blog, so happy to be following along :)

  10. Gorgeous pictues! What an absolutely adorable son you have :)

  11. Such a stylish little man! :)

  12. Very nice boy, beautiful family, congratulations!


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