Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gimme a pitchfork, I'm wearing overalls!

Overalls: Freeman T. Porter (thrifted), T-Shirt: Target, Shoes: Converse, Bracelet: Fossil, Headscarf: mom's closet
I didn't think I was going to admit it this early, but I kind of miss blogging... So here I am, back for the moment at least.

We had an almost perfectly smooth ride to Germany and seem to have gotten over the initial jet lag as well by now. Logan spent the second night in my bed instead of his crib, talking, squishing my cheeks with his chubby little fingers, laughing without apparent reason and finally fell asleep around 3 am. At least that's my guess, since I must have fallen asleep before he did, which I realized when I woke up around 4 am and he was snoring next to me while facing the foot end of the bed. 

It's been a good few days so far weather wise as well as everything else. We are taking full advantage of living in a neighborhood where there are 3 playgrounds within a few hundred feet, sidewalks and we can take the tricycle for a spin several times a day.
I've had way too much bread already and this way those new overalls may come in extra handy, once I need to start hiding the food baby. 

Speaking of overalls, can you believe I thrifted those puppies? Those and a brand new, Australian made, brimmed, wool hat!! It will be the saddest day when my mom closes her thrift store at the end of June. 

I don't think I would have made an effort to find overalls in a regular store but since I happened to come across them for so cheap, I thought I may give them a try.
I ended up really liking these ones, especially since the back looks like you're just wearing suspenders (no weird "mom butt" going on) and the whole top is detachable, which turns them into regular jeans.
Most of all, they are so comfortable and if nothing else I can always wear them to the county fair this summer ;)  

So what do you think? Overalls yay or nay??

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  1. You look cute! Enjoy Germany

  2. This is probably one of my favorite outfits from you!

  3. Your mom owns a thrift store?! So awesome!! I could never pull these off!! They look amaze on you!!

  4. I say yay to THOSE overalls - they definitely don't look like the terrible mom ones I remember from my childhood! If all overalls looked as cute as those then I'm 100% YES :) I hope you're having a great time visiting your family!!

  5. Seriously you're so adorable! Now I'm not usually on board with the overall thing, but I LOVE that these ones are cut more like pants, and not at all like a sack of potatoes! SO MUCH MORE FLATTERING! Have a great trip!

  6. These overalls are pretty cute! And I love your little head wrap too. Have a wonderful time in Germany!

  7. Yay to the overalls! You did good with this pair. I've recently found me a pair of overalls while thrifting. They're Gap and old school, so I have some DIY to do. :-)

    Who is that girl Mo?

  8. oh my gosh! you can pull off anything! you are too damn cute!

  9. wow, you look awesome! you can totally pull off the overalls!!!

  10. I'm loving overalls. I've been wanting a pair for a few years now. These ones are SO cute!! Sounds like things are going pretty well in Germany!

  11. definitely yay! THey are really cute on you and you styled them perfectly.

  12. I would totally wear the new version of overalls. I like that the waistline only comes up to your hips instead of the middle of your belly like the overalls I wore growing up...

  13. If i look like you I would say Yay! But I doubt :P


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