Saturday, December 14, 2013

the buying of the christmas tree

earlier this week we took a drive to a local christmas tree farm to pick out our tree. we waited until my mom came in for her visit so that she could be there too and I was pretty excited to see logan really take in and appreciate the whole experience. the older he gets the more fun these things have become and it sure made my mama heart happy to see his face light up with anticipation, as he rounded the corner of the old barn to spot the big tractor that would take us up the hill to the trees. he is a true country boy when it comes to these things and takes very much after jason's side of the family. then again, what little boy doesn't enjoy a good ole tractor ride? 

we were the only customers that morning and so we got a private ride through the rows and rows of lush, green trees. the day had started with a light covering of snow and freezing cold, crisp air that you want to breathe in deeply and store up for those mucky and humid days of a summer yet to come. 
with a breeze strong enough to make it seem several degrees colder than it actually was, we bundled up and still got our bottoms wet sitting on the frozen over benches of that trailer. in the end, it didn't take us long to pick out "the tree". not sure if it was the cold or maybe the tree had disguised it's true beauty right until we came around, because we didn't have to walk far at all (if you know me, you know i can be very particular with these kinds of things).
with her strapped in securely we made our way back to the barn for some hot cocoa and cuddles with mr.bear, who looked like he'd already shared many an embrace with similar, chocolate faced toddlers of the sort. 
all in all a successful christmas tree hunt in my book. 

what we're wearing

on me: beanie (here), sunglasses (here or here), coat (here), jeans (similar here), boots (here)

on logan: beanie (similar here), coat (gap, sold out), pants (made by me), boots (here)

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