Wednesday, December 18, 2013

your ankles must be freezing

i'm not quite sure how many pairs of ankle boots I have piling up in my shoe closet these days but if you ask my husband he will likely tell you that there are too many. there is also a relatively large chance he will ask you if your ankles are freezing when there is snow on the ground. you will also very likely not care, when your shoes are just the prettiest shade of charcoal with a slight hint of dusty blue and they hit your ankles just so and they are pretty much the most comfortable thing ever made. 


also:  i am in love with this coat!! one of the best purchases of the year for sure and such a good price and (surprisingly) excellent quality. 

also: i really need to take care of those gross looking roots of mine... yuck!

what I'm wearing

coat (here), sweater (here), jeans (similar here really great ones too, i tried them on), shoes (here), necklace (here


  1. Ahhh I am so obsessed with ankle boots right now. Love when you can see just a little bit of ankle! I've seriously been going crazy buying them.

  2. What a cute look, I love this jacket!

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