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Hey, I'm so glad you're interested in sponsoring The Forge. Sponsorship is a great way to get your blog or business recognized and connect with other bloggers and businesses. If you think your blog or business would be a great match for The Forge please take a look at my current stats and sponsor options below. I am committed to giving you the best possible exposure and a fair price according to my stats and by putting the best possible content out there :) If you have any questions or concerns at all just send me an email. 

I run no more than 12 ads every month so spots are very limited. This allows for fair exposure to all sponsors and my sidebar stays nice and clean :) I believe that less is more when it comes to advertising spots on my blog. 

testimonials from sponsors

Ash from outfitadditions.com says: "Working with Sophie was great. She answers questions promptly and is super easy to work with. We got a lot of traffic (and orders) from her site and are continuing to work with her."


(as of April 2013)

4+ posts a week
daily posts to facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest
between 800 and 1000 page views a day
 about 34.000 page views a month
about 16.000 unique visitors a month

(stats via google analytics)

1102+ GFC followers
684+ facebook page likes
560+ twitter followers 
698+ Pinterest followers
436+ Bloglovin' followers
715+ Instagram followers

button swaps

please send me an email to discuss a button swap. Since my spots are very limited I may turn you down if we're not a great fit. Thank you for understanding :) 

business sponsorships and reviews

please contact me directly via email. if your business/brand is a good fit I'm sure I'd love to work with you. 

all other inquiries please send me an email.

all emails to askforge@gmail.com

thanks again for your interest in working with The Forge!



  1. so glad to swap with you! your buttons are adorable xo


  2. Can't wait until my pictures come in from my friend. My site will be revamped a little bit with professional photos. I'll be making a button and we can swap!!!! xoxo


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